Candidate Processing

Start Over Fund has a process for assessing a candidate who wants to receive funding from us.  Following are the guidelines we do our best to follow.

  1.  Interview – each candidate is interviewed by a volunteer that has personal experience with addiction. We believe that these persons are best at identifying candidates that are committed to recovery.  View Interview Form
  2. Determine need(s) and formulate recommendations.
  3. Reassure candidate that SOF will do everything in its power to help in partnership with him/her who truly wants to get and stay clean.  The volunteer will convey that SOF only does for the candidate what he/she can’t do for him/herself but realize that when someone is at the bottom, it all seems impossible.
  4. Details of each candidate are gathered at this meeting and submitted to the office along with the volunteer’s recommendation.
  5. Following application of the candidate to receive funding, SOF will assess overall needs and determine how to help and outlines a plan.
  6. The plan is delivered by the volunteer that interviewed the candidate.  The results of the interview and interviewer assessment can be delivered by phone, email or in person
  7. SOF will provide the interviewer with the plan that includes contact information to address the specifics of who to pay for what, deliver vouchers or products, etc.

Digital Records will be kept confidentially.  Staying clean is a requirement to continue to receive help/funding.  Volunteers are responsible for staying in touch with the candidate. Any payments to treatment facilities or housing will also be a way to determine success of the candidate to stay clean.

Due to the policy of our mandate to fund only those committed to recovery, we cut off funding and help to those who relapse but are ready to help again when a candidate returns to their commitment.

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