The Love of My Life – My Daughter

My daughter, my life.  I am very fortunate to feel this way about my daughter since I never had closeness with my own mother.  I feel that this relationship has helped me heal that lack in my life and I am grateful to my daughter for all she has helped me experience in a mother-daughter relationship.

However, my daughter is an addict.  It doesn’t change how much I love her but it does require that I change how much I would do for her to prevent enabling her to continue active in her disease.

I am one of the founders of this non-profit, inspired by her current success of over 7 months clean.  It has been a very rough road but she has a strong inner core than is built with a moral code that while fragile, she chose not to violate.  I know it is because her father and I raised her in a good family with values, rules, and responsibilities.  She always had good manners and respect.  But, she was troubled by low self-esteem and found solace in self-medication.  It grew into out of control addiction putting herself into harms way being homeless.  Her father and I would not support her addiction and she was out on her own if she was going to use. It killed us of course and accepted her choice and possible outcome.  But, we had faith in her that she would come back.  Multiple relapses later, she grounded herself with the help of wonderful people in 12-step programs.  Her father and I helped her back on her feet – into detox and treatment many times but at the end of the day, she has had 2 long periods of being clean, productive, and yes, happy.  Isn’t that what we want for our children?

The future no one can count on.  But today, my daughter is clean and progressing on her program and is helping others now too.  I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped her, understood her, encouraged her, and for giving me and her dad the resources to be able to help her when she was ready.  The reason I wanted to found this non-profit is to find a way to fund those that are ready to come out of addiction as my daughter was.  There are false starts, I know.  But someone has to believe, wait patiently, and be there at that moment.  There are so many out there that don’t have anyone…Start Over Fund is a synthesis of many who can be that someone to many, sourcing donors, recovering addicts, and money managers.

We know, “the struggle is real,” a quote from my daughter and SOF is here for you.

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