We Need Your Support!

Hello and thank you everyone for coming to the site! P.S I’m the daughter of the previous post and now taking over this user name.

This organization is really important to me and we will need your help and support to help those in need. I was in need many times in my life where i didn’t know where to turn and knew that by getting help, it was always going to be at a price. Asking for help isn’t easy, and knowing that I can’t afford something like detox, treament, IOP, housing, etc. that I would have to ask my family for help and ultimately put them in debt…that’s why i feel this cause is so important. I’ve reached the point of either two choices: commit suicide or ask for help. I’m glad I asked for help and changed my life, but there were many times that I prolonged my suffering because I did’t want to go into debt. There was a time I overdosed and I came to on the gurney, being rolled into the EMT car and kicking and screaming, “NO, I CAN’T HAVE ANOTHER MEDICAL BILL!” and i screamed that over and over. Fear of debt¬†has made me stay in active addiction. I would leave detoxes and treatment centers due to the powerlessness of my disease and only later realized how much I messed up my chance of freedom again and refused to go back because it would cost more money, and i did this over and over and over. The thing I love about my family is they didn’t ever give up on me. That means the world to me today.

This cause is so important. I want people who are desperate, sick of the insanity, sick of ¬†being sick and tired, to be able to reach out, ask for help, and get help with Start Over Fund. We are here, we are the helping hand. We don’t care about how much money it will cost. You are worth it. No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed. The point is to never give up. Get back up as many times as it takes. If you’re still breathing, you have a chance. We are here to help fund, support, and come up with a recovery plan. We will be with you and follow up with you as long as it takes. Even after we are done funding, we are a people helping people business. We will stay in touch, we need each other, we need love and support from family and friends.

Please help fund the suffering addict. We need donations. We need grants. We need the funds to help the helpless. Please give what you can. $10 a month is a Netflix subscription. Think about it. I couldn’t be more excited about this organization. Everyone I talk to gets excited like i do and this could change the world! Most people I talk to have some personal story about them, their family, or friends who have suffered with addiction, or knows someone who does. Let’s start today, right now! I keep hearing people not having money for childcare. They can’t get a job because they don’t have anyone to take care of their kids. People who can’t afford to get into Oxford Houses so they are sleeping in the car or on the couch somewhere. People who are still on the street because they can’t get into Detox. People are suffering every day. I want to help. Soon I will be able to help all that come to me and help fund people towards recovery.

Thanks to everyone who has donated. You’re helping save a life!

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