Start Over Fund Mission Statement

Our mission is to help those with the disease of addiction as they transition toward recovery.

The first step for those with an addiction is to want help and realize he/she can’t do it by him/herself. It takes many partnerships, caring, love, and in our role to this population, funding to start over again.

We have found that many addicts need financial help to make the leap to living clean and sober because he/she is highly functioning and can continue to work. This means he/she does not qualify for DSHS services which provide minimal, survival funds that barely cover what is really needed. Insurance has limits too, being unwilling to pay for detox or needed treatment because of some repeated relapses. There are also co-pays that insurance may ask for and time off work may cause financial problems too.

We are here to fill the gaps so anyone who wants to get clean and stay clean can lean on us. SOF is committed to funding in the gap between social services and family funding. We also work in partnership with the addict and their family, to make the transition as successful as possible. Read about our Matching Program.

We don’t generally provide cash but instead, vouchers, payments in the name of the candidate, and products, all of which can’t be sold for cash. This helps those that may be tempted to use again.

There is a fine line between enabling and helping someone who can’t help themselves. We are careful to assess each candidate and figure out how to find a balance between the two, asking him/her to do their part as we do ours. ¬†We ask the family and friends of an addict too, to match us with funds so that our funds go farther, to help more people.

To learn more about our process, read this blog article.




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We fund those in transition because we love to help.


Those in transition need to get around and we help fund bus passes and Uber rides, as needed.


Some in transition have lost their home or need help with one.


We fund the basics that no one else will.


We support families to stay together providing funding for childcare, as needed.


We fund treatment and healthcare needed by those in transition.


We are always looking for volunteers that have "been there."