We're Here to Help - Just Ask


The first step is to ask for help.

We reach out to a community that is one of the most challenging there is – those in active addiction who have hit bottom and who feel helpless. However, he/she makes a decision to change their life for the better, reaching out to ask for help.

We are part of that help, providing direct access to helpers and to the resources needed to get clean, and hopefully with lots of work, stay clean.

We understand where you are – most everyone involved in this non-profit are former addicts or adult children / parents of addicts. We know the pain and suffering you are going through. We care and we are here to help.

We need a little information from you to provide contact info to one of our volunteers who will first speak with you on the phone, then meet you in a public place. There will be an interview conducted to determine just a few things:

  1.  Are you truly ready to enter a recovery program
  2.  What do you need to be successful
  3.  What can we offer to you to help you succeed


We don’t hand out cash.  We pay for things for those being funded, giving you a hand up, not a hand out.

Don’t give up. Keep coming back.

The form you need to fill out is on this page for you to ask for help. Your information will be kept confidential.


The next step is to make a recovery plan.

Help Request Form


Then you commit to your plan and do it.  You will not be alone.  There are many to help you succeed, those that understand, those that have been where you are now.  Believe.