Start Over Fund Matching Program

To enable someone is to do for them what they can do for him/herself.  We feel strongly about this and do our best to identify, with our Peer Counselors who have the hands-on experience, where to help with what.  Part of what a person can do can also come from their family and friends.

We call this our Matching Program.  If someone has to take 3 weeks off work, to go into treatment, and the insurance pays for it but they won’t get a paycheck, we can help fund some of the bills that must be paid. We ask friends and family to help with us. We together figure out the needed budget and agree to place our part on the table.

We fund IOP when someone has no access to funds for it. It helps someone in recovery! We fund Suboxone if someone needs it to stay clean. Whatever is going to create a successful outcome, we are there to support it.

Damaging to someone in treatment is the burden of coming out with anxiety for “falling behind.” We want people coming out of treatment feeling like they just got ahead, and have a new lease on life. That is what we are committed to creating together to help.

Finally, some family and friends feel as if they have helped an addict too much but still want to help further.  Family and Friends can donate to Start Over Fund, ear-marking the money to pay for what is needed for a specific person.  When you donate online, please add that information in the notes section.  A Peer Counselor will contact you as well to discuss your experience with the addict.  We greatly appreciate any family or friend’s insight to help.