Please Volunteer

We are continually building our team of volunteers.  We only reach out through those that have experienced addiction and remain in recovery. He/she offers what others cannot to someone who is struggling to come in and start recovery.

Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted.  We will need to know how much time you have for service.  We appreciate you immensely, each and every one of you.

Requirements include that you feel ready to help others who are probably still using and are asking for help.  Don’t put yourself in jeopardy.  These volunteer positions are for those who feel strong and are not triggered by those who are still out and struggling.  We will only put you in touch with someone who has asked for help. It is your responsibility to determine the validity of the request, determine their needs, and then make recommendations to SOF.

It is our intention and our goal to select volunteer candidates to certify as Peer Counselors and register them with the State of Washington.  This will increase your competence and confidence helping this community.  We also want to hire those that fight the fight with us – strengthening our core so we can give more.

We trust and appreciate you.

Any information you provide below will remain confidential.