We inspire donors who want to make the world a better place and we are the liaison between them and those that are committed to recovery.  We believe this effort needs to start at home, in the USA, where drug and alcohol addiction effects 22.7 million Americans.  Only Heart disease out-flanks addiction with 27.6 million diagnosed.  Those living with Cancer amount to far less than addiction at 14.1 million.*

So, with these huge numbers, why is it so ignored by society?  Probably because its viewed improperly as a personal “problem” or moral deficiency rather than a disease.

Approximately 610,000 people die each year from heart disease and nearly 600,000 from cancer.  While only 86,000 actual overdose deaths in 2014 was 1/7th of the level of deaths from the other two leading causes, overall consequences of addiction show that over 570,000 people die each year from all forms of addiction (alcohol, tobacco, illicit and prescription drugs).

This means that the disease of addiction is equally as consequential as heart disease and cancer.  It affects the family, loved ones, and is financially destructive.  It causes extensive suffering for the victim of the disease.

For an addict its a vicious cycle; feeling bad about oneself and using to feel better, then feeling worse about self for having used, and then punishing oneself by using again. Logically and rationally assessed by a non-addictive person he/she can only arrive at a painful conclusion – just stop! This person also assumes that all addicts are irresponsible and just “wanna have a good time.” However, this problem-solving attitude sends an addict to yet a new low, believing he or she is so weak and a failure that they might as well give up and enjoy the next high.

This is the disease talking and this is why we help. During the pain and the crashing of life around an addict, they reach out for help, any help to stop the cycle. That is when we are there for someone. We have our hand out to help him/her up.  We support transition, the most vulnerable period in an addict’s recovery. And yes, they may slip and use again.  But, we never give up on them, if they don’t.

In closing, no one asks for cancer or heart disease.  And, no one asks to be an addict.  It happens, to some of the best of us.

This is why we ask you to help and donate.

You can donate in this website or if you prefer, at our GoFundMe Page.

*2013 statistics


A little less than 10% of addicted persons get help each year.  Why is this?  This is due to lack of money, lack of resources, and lack of research on how to best help those that need it.

We and our donors want to change this.

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